It's Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week at the Preschool!

Chad Riddersen

Posted on April 20 2012

It's already Friday, and I haven't done a thing for teacher/staff appreciation week at my daughters' preschool.  Last week, I got a memo that this "week of gratitude" was fast approaching.  I knew I had a whole week to come up with something unique, special, and unbelievably thoughtful for the wonderful teachers, but instead I'm scrambling around to pull something together before the week is over.  After I write this hurried blog post, I plan to print cards from my computer and stop by Trader Joe's before pickup to get flowers and sweets.

My daughter's preschool makes it very clear that staff appreciation week is not a time for lavish gift-giving.  Actually, they simply ask families to make cards or write notes, and "notes do not have to be long to be meaningful."  Also, on Monday morning, there were several water-filled vases around the classroom for parents to fill with flowers from their gardens - I thought this was SO simple and clever.  Judging by the flowers sitting in those vases now, some families have amazing gardens.  I, on the other hand, will be purchasing cut flowers.

Although these thoughtful [and free] gestures are nice, sometimes you just want or need to buy a gift.  Many years ago, I, too was a teacher, so when I gift to fellow teachers I'm always considering what I would've liked to receive.  I wanted to share a short list of gifts that don't break the bank, but teachers seem to really appreciate.  I even listed specific brands (with prices) I gifted to my daughters' teachers this past holiday season.  The end of the school-year is fast approaching, so perhaps this will give you some ideas.  Please comment if you have any other ideas to share with other busy parents.

  • hand cream - Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve - $14-$22
  • water bottle - Lifefactory - $20-$25
  • mani/pedi gift certificate - $25-40
  • canvas tote bag - L.L. Bean - $20-$35
  • bottle of wine - $10-$25
  • host a simple lunch for teacher(s)
  • gift certificates are always practical - coffee, grocery store, amazon, gas station, car wash, bookstore, VISA/AMEX, etc.

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