Is there ever a "right" time to have children?

Chad Riddersen

Posted on August 14 2012

Now that my older daughter is nearing 5 and my younger daughter is 3, people keep asking me whether I want to have more children.  I honestly don't know.  As an only child, I always dreamed of having a large family, but as an entrepreneur, I feel as if I'm raising 2 girls and a newborn again.  It's incredible how much of one's time, energy, money, resources, and just plain self running a business requires.

When I watch my daughters play with one another and laugh uncontrollably, it melts my heart.  What a special bond siblings have and how amazing to experience childhood alongside a sibling.  As I mentioned earlier, I am an only child, because my mother had an ectopic pregnancy after having me and could not conceive after that.  Although I never had siblings, I don't remember feeling lonely as a child.

One thing an older, and much wiser, friend told Mark and me after we got married was, "there's never a right time to have children."  You will never have enough money, enough time and energy, a large enough house, etc.  Once you become a parent, you become a survivor and figure it all out.

Anyway, I've been genuinely torn about whether I'm "ready" or truly wanting to have another child, but 4 weeks ago, I found out I was pregnant.  Without getting into the details,   we were genuinely puzzled by this "miracle."  It took a full week for me to get over the shock, but we feel very blessed in so many ways.

Mark and I are looking forward to experiencing life as a family of 5!  As soon as we learned we were expecting, Mark turned to me and said, "now you will have so much to blog about!"  I just have to leave it at that . . .

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  • Deshawn: July 02, 2015

    Love, love, LOVE all of these! Angel you are truly amazing, these prutcies are just breathtaking; I never thought we would like this good!!! Can’t wait to see part 2!

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