Adorable Boy From New Orleans Gives Awesome Live Weather Report During Hurricane

Jermaine Powell

Posted on November 22 2020

Adorable Boy From New Orleans Gives Awesome Live Weather Report During Hurricane



In a normal year, the constant stream of hurricanes invading the gulf this year would be much bigger news. This has been an extremely active hurricane season and people down in Texas and Louisiana have been hit hard multiple times.


There are thousands of people who lost their homes due to flooding, but you probably haven’t heard much about it because, well, we’re still dealing with a global pandemic and perhaps the most important election in American history. You can only cover so much news.


But thankfully, a little boy named Lenny Sandifer stepped up to the plate to deliver live footage of the most recent hurricane slamming New Orleans. His father, Eddie, filmed him outside their porch during Hurricane Zeta.


As the strong category two hurricane hit land, Lenny acted like his favorite reporters, holding a microphone up to his face, “This is really crazy,” he told the camera as he looked over his shoulder in true reporter fashion.


“Stay inside, stay safe,” he told the people watching his weather report. The adorable clip went viral, of course.


Even Al Roker commented on it, “I am in awe of this young man,” he tweeted out to his millions of followers.

— Al Roker (@alroker) October 29, 2020

A local meteorologist in New Orleans by the name of Scot Pilie wrote, “Oh. My. Goodness. — I’m about to lose my job."


Safe to say, this little guy has a career in live reporting. Moments like these are great reminders of the good in the world. Yes, this was a serious storm. A deadly storm, which left thousands of people without electricity.


But even in the darkest of times, humans have the ability to spread a little light to ease the pain.


Be like Lenny. Be the light.

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