Who Has the Best Weighted Straw Cup? Let's Ask the Expert!

Jermaine Powell

Posted on September 06 2020

Comparison of the Lollacup weighted straw cup with other sippy cups with weighted straws

When we developed the Lollacup it was designed from the perspective of a mother, just wanting a cup that would solve all the real world problems that a mom has when trying to get their child to transition from a bottle to a straw cup.

We wanted a cup that was made in the USA. We wanted a cup that was super-easy to drink from.  A cup that had measurement markings on the side (like a bottle) so that we could see how many ounces our child is drinking. While this is not as important for toddlers, it is very important for transitioning infants. 

We added a weighted straw to make sure that when the cup is tilted, little ones are getting everything out, giving them that sense of accomplishment that is needed at this stage.  

And lastly, handles that can be removed easily. We didn't want to have to screw the lid off to take the handles off. From diaper bag to cup holder; half a twist - and the handles are off. We also knew that if we made a cup that had real personality it would be fun and toy-like and quickly be the go-to cup for kids.



As parents, we knew that moms would easily pay for something that they knew would work and that could be used as the child ages.  I can't tell you the countless number of items we have that only have been used once, only to be rejected by either the child, the parent or both.  We wanted parents not only buying one, but buying one in every color because they were so happy with their Lollacup.  


Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is an international speaker on the topic of "feeding". From her Facebook bio, it says that Melanie,

"works with a variety of children, from infants, to toddlers and preschoolers with medical challenges that impact their ability to enjoy food, to garden-variety picky eaters. Her advice has been shared in numerous publications, blogs and seminars. Mel is the co-author of the award-winning Raising a Healthy Happy Eater (2015), Baby Self-Feeding (2016), the author of Adventures in Veggieland (2017), Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids (2010) and the executive producer of the acclaimed children's CD, Dancing in the Kitchen: Songs that Celebrate the Joy of Food!"


Recently Melanie took to her social media audience and shared her thoughts on how all of the best selling straw cups in the market stack up, and suffice it to say, we were ecstatic that she chose ours as best overall.

You can see her findings below.  She not only evaluated the cups from the perspective of moms, but also from her professional viewpoint regarding child development, with the focus on the features that matter.  

The added benefit of the Lollacup is the ability to allow smoothies and cereal milk to be seamlessly served to children. The valve-less straw allows thick fluid to be consumed frustration free!  Other straw sippy cups either can't allow thicker liquids or have to be hand-modified (hacked) to allow this.  

We take pride in our cup and the company we have built around it. We do not claim to be leak proof, but when that lid is snapped shut and that cup is in your diaper bag, we definitely are. And just as something that we would like ourselves, we include a little cleaning brush. You will find this brush useful for not just cleaning our cup's straw but any other straw water bottle you have in your house.  

We hope we can be the solution to your sippy cup needs.  You can find all of the Lollacups available in all colors here.  

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Watch Co-founder Hanna Lim's appearance on The View THREE DAYS after giving birth.  Now that's dedication!!   

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