This TikTok Viral ‘Mini Egg’ Hack For Kids Is Being Called Out By Doctors For Being Unsafe!

Jermaine Powell

Posted on July 19 2021

This TikTok Viral ‘Mini Egg’ Hack For Kids Is Being Called Out By Doctors For Being Unsafe!

So you’re scrolling through TikTok late at night and you stumble upon this video of a mom cooking these adorable fried “mini eggs” for her toddler. And you think, “Wow! I can be that mom!” and you decide to make them the next morning.

 A popular TikTok account by the name of ‘thatfalzonfamily’ is known for putting out funny parenting moments, as well as hacks for busy parents. And on June 17, Alexandria Bewicke (the owner of the account) posted a trick for creating kid-friendly, fried mini eggs.

“The ‘toddler egg eating fun hack,’ as Bewicke describes it, took off on the app, amassing more than 12 million views in a week. Many parents — and people in the market for a new spin on breakfast — were wowed by the technique, which results in very adorable-looking, bite-sized fried eggs.”

The process involves freezing eggs overnight, and then slicing them up (while they’re still frozen) in the morning. Then you put them in the frying pan and you have these super adorable mini eggs.

Here is the video:



EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO TRY THIS! 👨‍🍳 ##minieggs ##egghack ##toddlermeals @lukefalzon

♬ original sound - Alexandra Bewicke


Thousands of people commented on the video. One user commented, “Omg! My partner has just ran to the freezer to pop a few in.”

 But according to the experts, this “hack” could be dangerous, especially to toddlers. A doctor commented on the post, writing, “This is not a safe way to prepare eggs. They should not be frozen in their shells. The FDA warns against this.”

 And it turns out, the user is right. It’s not recommended to freeze eggs inside their shells because bacteria could grow inside it. Additionally, it might make it easier to undercook the egg.

 NBC News' health and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom told Today the following…

“It’s a bad idea to freeze raw eggs. When the liquid egg freezes it expands, and can crack the outer shell and inner membrane next to it — allowing bacteria to freely enter the egg and contaminate it. Some can be hairline cracks (can’t easily see) but still allow bacteria in. And freezing does not kill the bacteria. It’s a food safety risk.”

Sorry to ruin the fun, but you know, better safe than sorry. A potential illness isn’t worth the cute many Tik Tok Hack.  

One person did offer up a solution, claiming you could just boil the egg for 10 minutes and then slice it. And honestly, that sounds like the better idea if you truly want cute mini eggs for your little one. 



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