Things To Do With Your Family During A COVID-19 Lockdown Christmas

Jermaine Powell

Posted on December 19 2020

Things To Do With Your Family During A COVID-19 Lockdown Christmas


When this pandemic first started back in February/March, I don’t think most people believed we would still be dealing with it come December. At least not to the extent we’re still dealing with it. We are currently in the middle of the worst surge of the virus, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.


Millions of people will be staying home this Christmas. For a lot of families, there will be no trip to grandmas. No big family gatherings. No awkward Christmas parties at work, which one could argue is a positive, but whatever.


Safe to say, Christmas 2020 is going to be different, but different doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


There are things you can do safely inside your home with your family this holiday season. Some of the classic traditions like baking cookies, decorating, listening to Christmas music...those all can stay the same.


But what about other things? Like how might your kid connect with Santa this year?



Well, if a simple letter in the mailbox doesn’t fulfill them, you could schedule a video call with Santa. You can use Santa Club to book a video conversation with the jolly ol’ fella’ for $50. You even get to keep the recording!


However, if you’re cheap like me, you could just tell your best friend to dress up like Santa and hop on that FaceTime real quick. It may not be as ~professional~ but kids are pretty easy to convince when it comes to Santa.


Another safe thing to do this holiday season? Go drive around and look at lights! Maybe take some hot chocolate with you (with a safety lid, of course) and enjoy all the bright lights and inflatable reindeer your neighborhood has to offer.



And if you really want to get wild, you can have a karaoke night with your family. It’s something my family would do around Christmas. It’s surprisingly fun. We had a strong “no Bon Jovi” rule in our house, but that’s just a suggestion. If you want to listen to Livin’ On A Prayer for the 20th time, be my guest.


Finally, come Christmas morning, you can still celebrate with your entire family. Set up a virtual party and have everyone open their gifts at the same time. Obviously it’s not the same as them actually being there, but it’s a great compromise in a truly awful year.


Share some of your favorite traditions below! What is your family doing this year?






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